Wednesday, 20 August 2014

My current skincare routine♡

My current skincare routine♡

Hello everyone! So today's Blogpost is going to be all about my current skincare routine and the products I use on a day to day basis. My skin is normal to oily and I have bad blemishes and scarring but my skin isn't sensitive so I can use almost any product. This will probably suit people more who have trouble with their spots because of the types of products I use.

So the first thing I do to my skin when I wake up in the morning is wash my face, I use the clean and clear morning energy face wash. This makes my skin feel absolutely amazing and so refreshed and smooth. This product is oil free so is perfect for anyone with oily skin. This has tiny micro beads in which lightly exfoliate my face.

Next I will take my clearasil rapid action face pads and rub it all over my skin to get out any excess dirt that may be sitting deep into my pores. If I'm not going to be wearing a full face of makeup or any at all, I will use my l'oreal toner instead as its less harsh on my skin.

After I have done that, I will moisturize my face using my Garniere moisturizer. This really hydrates my skin and makes my makeup go on a lot smoother.

To take my makeup off, I use the Garniere mi-cellar solution on a cotton wool pad. This is the best makeup remover I have ever tried and is really cheap for the amount you get.

I will then wash my face again using the same clean and clear face wash. Then I use a clearasil face pad again to get off any extra makeup. If you have sensitive skin then I wouldn't recommend the clearasil pads as they do sting your face at first because they have salicylic acid in them.

Finally, once everything has sunk into my skin, I apply my spot cream. The spot cream I use is from the doctors but Sudocream works just as well.

*** I also want to add keeping hydrated really does help your skin A LOT! And although I am on tablets from the doctors, my skin would be a lot worse without these holy grail products.

So that was my skincare routine which a lot of you had asked for over on our Instagram. These products do definitely make a difference to my skin and I have seen a difference in a short amount of time.

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Tuesday, 19 August 2014

My Everyday Make Up Routine♡

              Everyday Make Up Routine Annie Edition


I start by using my maybelline Fit Me concealer in the shade number 15 this concealer has great coverage & you don't need to apply loads to receive a flawless look , I apply this to my under eye area as I tend to get dark circles , I also add some to my nose area.  
I use the real techniques contour brush which is part of the real techniques core collection I received this as a present for my birthday from Philly! to blend in the concealer I do a stippling motion & then blend.

Real Techniques Contour Brush

Before applying mascara I like to make my eye lashes longer , I take some basic eyelash curlers (from bodycare) then curl my lashes for about 5-10 seconds. For My mascara I use the rimmel lash accelerator endless, I only apply to my top lashes.Once I've done my mascara it can sometimes have a few clumps so I use the spoole end of an eyebrow brush and go through my lashes. 

Rimmel Lash Accelerator Endless Mascara


I don't always do my eyebrows but when I do I use the Benefit Gimme Brow, which is a brow volumising fibre gel. I use the light/medium shade, I just put the gel through my eyebrows then I use an eyebrow brush and comb through them. 
If I was going for darker eyebrows then I would add a dark eyeshadow.


My blush I either use the benefit Dandelion or Bon Bon By MUA. Dandelion is a rosy pink and adds a lovely glow. 
To apply my blush I use The real techniques powder brush. 


  For My lips I use a moisturising lip balm then I almost always use my mac angel frost lipstick.
mac angel frost lipstick

Seven deadly sins tag♡

Seven deadly sins tag

So I decided to do something different today so I thought I would do the seven deadly sins tag!

1. GREED: What is your most inexpensive beauty item? What is your most expensive?
My most exspensive beauty item is probably my Urban Decay naked 2 palette, which cost £47; my most inexpensive would probably be a MUA blusher as it only cost me £1.

2. WRATH: What beauty products do you have a love/hate relationship with? What product has been the hardest to get?
For me in general I have a love/hate relationship with bb creams; I've tried a few and a lot of them come up very orange on me and i'm not even that pale, and I find they can sometimes look cakey on me. However I like wearing bb creams when I don't want to wear foundation but I still want some coverage.

3. GLUTTONY: What are your most delicious beauty products?
MAC lipsticks have the most amazing smell in the world, they smell of vanilla which I love.

4. SLOTH: What beauty product do you neglect, due to laziness?
For some reason I always forget to put primer on my face, even when its sitting right in front of me.

5. PRIDE: What beauty product gives you the most self confidence?
100% foundation. I feel a lot more confident when I have foundation because it hides my blemishes and scarring which concealer alone can't hide.

6. LUST: What attributes do you find most attractive in the opposite sex?
Someone who can make me laugh without trying to hard, someone who doesn't take themselves too seriously and someone who shows you respect.

7. ENVY: What items would you most like to receive as a gift?
I would love to receive one of the Lorac pro palettes or some Milani baked blushes as they are so beautiful but aren't sold in the UK.

So that was my seven deadly sins tag! Hope you enjoyed it!

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Monday, 18 August 2014

Real techniques beauty blender review♡

Real techniques beauty blender review♡

A few months ago I picked up the Real Techniques makeup sponge after seeing that it was meant to be a dupe for the original Beauty Blender sponge. This only cost £6, which is a fraction of the price of the Beauty Blender.

 The sponge works best when it is damp, so I run it under cold water for a minute, whilst squeezing out the water to make it expand. Then I take a sheet of kitchen towel and squeeze out most of the water so its still a little damp.

The sponge has one flat edge and one pointed at the top. I find that the flat edge works perfectly to flawlessly blend out my foundation quickly; the pointed edge fits perfectly under my eyes so it blends my concealer out like a dream. The sponge doesn't absorb much if not any of my foundation so I don't need to use any more product than usual. I clean the sponge every 3-5 uses with warm water and baby shampoo which gets all the makeup out of it.

I would definitely recommend this sponge for anyone who is looking for a cheaper alternative to the Beauty Blender or to anyone who is considering purchasing the Beauty Blender as this just makes my makeup look 10 times better.

Love from floralperks

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Sunday, 17 August 2014

MAC Pro Long-Wear concealer review♡

MAC Pro Long-wear concealer review♡

I purchased the Pro long-wear concealer by MAC cosmetics a few months ago after hearing lots of beauty gurus and bloggers raving about it. MAC is definitely one of my favorite makeup brands as their products are high quality and work perfectly with my skin.

The shade i got matched to was NW20 (the makeup artist who matched me said it was better to use NW shades under the eyes). I did originally want to get NC15 to get a really bright Kim K highlight but I'm so glad i got the NW20 shade as its the perfect color for me. MAC have a very good shade selection which cater for all different undertones.

The formula is very creamy but slightly thick which I don't mind as I like very full coverage under my eyes. Although this is a thick consistency it has never creased under my eyes or on my eyelids, where my concealer and foundation usually creases. The creamy texture makes it so easy and quick to blend out and no matter how much you put on, it never looks cakey.

I would highly recommend this concealer for anyone who likes a medium to full coverage concealer, however, if you like a light coverage foundation/concealer then I wouldn't  recommend this. Also I purchased this concealer 5 months ago and I haven't run out of it yet (I have brought a back up as I love it so much).

Love from Floral perks

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Saturday, 16 August 2014

Night Time Cleansing Routine♡

                   Night Time Cleansing Routine

Vitamin E Cream Cleanser

To start of I use the Vitamin E Cream Cleanser (from the body shop), and smear it all over my face and if needed I apply more to were my make up was. I take a flannel and run it under warm water then wipe my face (in an outwards motion) , I tend to avoid putting it on my eye as it can sting once done I gently rinse my face. 
Sometimes not all of my mascara is removed so I use some clarins eye make up remover on a cotton pad and hold on my eye for a couple of seconds then wipe under my eye. 
Vitamin E Moisture Cream

Once all of my make up is removed I use the Vitamin E Moisture Cream 
as my skin is very dry and sensitive , so I just apply to my dry patches on my face, which is usually under my eyes , forehead, chin & cheeks. 
I got both of these product from the Vitamin E set it was £26.00 and also comes with a highlight toner which I am yet to try.
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Love From Floral Perks 

Friday, 15 August 2014

MUA highlighter review♡

MUA highlighter review♡

Recently I purchased this MUA highlighter from Superdrug for a bargain of £3! There was a choice of two colors: one more pinky toned and one more gold toned. I went with the gold toned one as it looked more flattering for my skin tone.

The color, when swatched, looks similar to the Nars Albatross highlighter because they both have gold shimmers running through them. Although there is shimmer in it, its not too overpowering and doesn't have chunky glitters in it. Surprising it's very pigmented and I only need a small amount to give me a healthy glow. 

I would definitely recommend this product to anyone who likes a dewy, golden, sun kissed look on the tops of their cheeks. This can be worn very natural or built up to a very strong highlight. I will defiantly be repurchasing this and will buy the other one very soon as £3 is too good to resist!

Love from Floral perks

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