Wednesday, 20 August 2014

My current skincare routine♡

My current skincare routine♡

Hello everyone! So today's Blogpost is going to be all about my current skincare routine and the products I use on a day to day basis. My skin is normal to oily and I have bad blemishes and scarring but my skin isn't sensitive so I can use almost any product. This will probably suit people more who have trouble with their spots because of the types of products I use.

So the first thing I do to my skin when I wake up in the morning is wash my face, I use the clean and clear morning energy face wash. This makes my skin feel absolutely amazing and so refreshed and smooth. This product is oil free so is perfect for anyone with oily skin. This has tiny micro beads in which lightly exfoliate my face.

Next I will take my clearasil rapid action face pads and rub it all over my skin to get out any excess dirt that may be sitting deep into my pores. If I'm not going to be wearing a full face of makeup or any at all, I will use my l'oreal toner instead as its less harsh on my skin.

After I have done that, I will moisturize my face using my Garniere moisturizer. This really hydrates my skin and makes my makeup go on a lot smoother.

To take my makeup off, I use the Garniere mi-cellar solution on a cotton wool pad. This is the best makeup remover I have ever tried and is really cheap for the amount you get.

I will then wash my face again using the same clean and clear face wash. Then I use a clearasil face pad again to get off any extra makeup. If you have sensitive skin then I wouldn't recommend the clearasil pads as they do sting your face at first because they have salicylic acid in them.

Finally, once everything has sunk into my skin, I apply my spot cream. The spot cream I use is from the doctors but Sudocream works just as well.

*** I also want to add keeping hydrated really does help your skin A LOT! And although I am on tablets from the doctors, my skin would be a lot worse without these holy grail products.

So that was my skincare routine which a lot of you had asked for over on our Instagram. These products do definitely make a difference to my skin and I have seen a difference in a short amount of time.

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