Monday, 18 August 2014

Real techniques beauty blender review♡

Real techniques beauty blender review♡

A few months ago I picked up the Real Techniques makeup sponge after seeing that it was meant to be a dupe for the original Beauty Blender sponge. This only cost £6, which is a fraction of the price of the Beauty Blender.

 The sponge works best when it is damp, so I run it under cold water for a minute, whilst squeezing out the water to make it expand. Then I take a sheet of kitchen towel and squeeze out most of the water so its still a little damp.

The sponge has one flat edge and one pointed at the top. I find that the flat edge works perfectly to flawlessly blend out my foundation quickly; the pointed edge fits perfectly under my eyes so it blends my concealer out like a dream. The sponge doesn't absorb much if not any of my foundation so I don't need to use any more product than usual. I clean the sponge every 3-5 uses with warm water and baby shampoo which gets all the makeup out of it.

I would definitely recommend this sponge for anyone who is looking for a cheaper alternative to the Beauty Blender or to anyone who is considering purchasing the Beauty Blender as this just makes my makeup look 10 times better.

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